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Huhuhero Notebooks Journal Overview

Feeling frustrated by notebooks that fall apart when you need them the most? Are you sick and tired of pens bleeding through thin pages? Huhuhero Notebooks Journal is here to put an end to all of that, providing a durable, high-quality product that caters to both students and professionals alike. Angry yet intrigued? Let’s dive into what makes this notebook the real deal.

Key Features

Crafted with a professional black faux leather hardcover, Huhuhero Notebooks Journal doesn’t just talk the talk – it walks the walk. Don’t let the soft and smooth leather fool you – it’s durable enough to protect your all-important notes and records for years! Boasting 128 pages of premium 120Gsm thick lined paper that resists damage from light or air, you can say goodbye to annoying ghosting and bleeding. It’s important to mention that the paper is 35% thicker than normal, adding to the premium feel and protection. Simply put, Huhuhero offers a comfortable writing and reading experience, making note-taking a breeze instead of a pain in the neck.

Available Sizes

With dimensions of 5″ x 8.25″, Huhuhero Notebooks Journal is the perfect size for on-the-go use, effortlessly fitting into your bag or purse. It’s not too big to be a burden, but not too small that it becomes impractical. And for those moments of inspiration or important thoughts, it’ll always be within arm’s reach!

Color and Design Options

You might be thinking, “Surely there must be a downside? A catch?”, but look no further than the added bonuses this notebook has in store for you. Featuring an expandable pocket for storing business cards, notes, receipts and more, as well as an elastic closure band and ribbon bookmark, Huhuhero helps you stay organized and never lose your page again. Let’s not forget about its lay-flat 180° design, making it an ideal choice for any occasion – from travel and business to studying and journaling.

So, why waste your time and energy with subpar notebooks that don’t have your back (or your notes)? The Huhuhero Notebooks Journal boasts quality construction, premium thick paper, and convenient design features to make your life just a little bit easier… and a whole lot less infuriating. Whether it’s for work, school, or personal use, it’s time to elevate your note-taking game.

Classic Hardcover Design

Do you want to hear some infuriating news? The Huhuhero Notebook Journal used to have a pen loop, but they decided to ditch it. What was even going through their thought process when they decided to leave out such a useful feature?

Regardless, let’s get into the details about this journal’s design and build. Try to ignore the aggravating absence of the pen loop.

Durable Faux Leather

Why waste money on genuine leather when you can have the hardly distinguishable faux leather? Yeah, that’s right. Huhuhero has wrapped their journal in something that feels smooth, soft, and apparently durable. We shall see about that.

Elegant Look and Feel

Who can resist the elegance of a classic black hardcover notebook? Undeniably, this thing does look professional and sleek. And with the faux leather exterior, it feels just as great in your hands.

Protection and Durability

Hear this – the black hardcover and faux leather claim to keep your precious notes safe. They even go as far as to say that the journal will last for years. Whether it can withstand the test of time is yet to be seen. But the substantial number of positive remarks about this journal gives us a glimmer of hope.

Soft and Smooth Cover

This journal’s smooth, soft, and supple cover is supposed to make the user experience more enjoyable. Sure, it’s not a terrible feature, but did they really need to highlight it? We care more about the performance of the paper inside, for goodness’ sake!

So there you have it, a not-so-brief overview of the Huhuhero Notebook Journal’s infuriatingly marketed build and design. Don’t take our frustrations as a cue to avoid this product completely, though. Apparently, the silky-smooth paper inside is a dream to write on, and supposedly, the journal can hold up to frequent use. Regardless, it’s hard to ignore the glaring omission of the once useful pen loop.

Huhuhero Notebooks Journal, Ruled Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Lined Journal, Black Hardcover Notebook for Office Home School Business Writing Note Taking Journaling, 5×8.25 (10, Black)

Premium Thick Paper

120Gsm Thickness

Are you tired of flimsy, thin paper in your notebooks? Look no further! Huhuhero Notebooks Journals are here to save your sanity. These babies sport a 120Gsm thickness, which is 35% thicker than your average notebook. Gone are the days of your pen stabbing through to the other side of the page, you poor, tortured soul.

Minimal Ghosting/Bleeding

For those of you who have suffered from awful ghosting and bleeding in your notebooks, it’s time to take a stand! The Huhuhero Notebooks Journal is your knight in shining armor. The pages are crafted to minimize these dreadful issues, ensuring that your writing experience is no longer marred by seeing the faint shadows of what lies beneath. So kick those ghosts to the curb and march forward with the confidence that your notebook has your back!

Suitable for Various Pen Types

If you’re that person who has an arsenal of pens that would make even the mightiest Office Supply Warrior green with envy, then you’ll be delighted to know that these Huhuhero Notebooks Journals can handle a variety of pen types. From ballpoint pens to brush pens, fineliners to glitter pens, they can take it all – with the exception of those pesky alcohol-based markers, because, let’s face it, those things are just beasts that cannot be tamed.

Paper Quality and Durability

The quality of the paper in these notebooks is top-notch, providing a smooth, slick surface that will make you want to write for hours on end. As an added bonus, the pages are also resistant to light and air damage, and they’re gentle on your eyes – because, really, who wants to write on paper that feels like a cheese grater? Plus, users have raved about how well these notebooks hold up, even with frequent use and stuffed to the gills with bookmarks and other miscellaneous paper items. So throw those flimsy, subpar notebooks out the window and embrace the superior quality and durability of the Huhuhero Notebooks Journal.

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Ruled Lined Pages

6mm Line Spacing

For crying out loud, this Huhuhero notebook has a freaking 6mm line spacing, which is just plain awful for those with larger writing. It’s like trying to squeeze an elephant into a shopping cart. Sure, if you have tiny and meticulous handwriting then congratulations, this might be the notebook for you. But beware, everyone else, your writing could end up looking like a jumbled mess.

Ease of Writing and Reading

Well, isn’t this just peachy? The notebook claims to make writing and reading comfortable, thanks to its so-called lay-flat 180° design. Big whoop. In reality, you’ll probably find yourself wrestling with the book just to keep it open sometimes, breaking a sweat and crying out for help.

128 Pages/64 Sheets

You know what’s funny? The Huhuhero Notebook Journal claims to have premium thick paper, boasting 128 pages (64 sheets) 120Gsm paper which is 35% thicker than normal. But seriously, who on earth cares about this tiny bit of extra thickness? Plus, it’s not even going to accommodate your favorite pens, glitter pens, or alcohol-based markers, as the paper resists damage from light and air protecting your eyes from irritation.

Consistent and Clear Lines

Oh sure, the Huhuhero Notebook claims to have consistent and clear lines, but what’s the point if they don’t make writing easier? I mean, trying to cram your thoughts onto these beautifully cut pages with their minimal ghosting and bleeding might still prove to be a challenge. At the end of the day, it might be just another notebook that you’ll throw in the pile with the rest of the ones you never use.

How about the notebook’s features, though? Yeah, it has an expandable pocket, elastic closure band, and a ribbon bookmark. But do these really make up for the darned 6mm line spacing, the infuriating lay-flat design, and the thick paper which isn’t nearly as useful as it should be?

Alright, fine, if you’re just looking for an affordable notebook to gift at Christmas, take to meetings, or use as a workout journal, you might as well give this Huhuhero Notebook a shot. But don’t say we didn’t warn you about its shortcomings! And, lastly, in case you’re wondering, this latest batch doesn’t even have a pen loop anymore, so you’ll just have to settle for losing your pen in your bag all the dang time.

Huhuhero Notebooks Journal, Ruled Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Lined Journal, Black Hardcover Notebook for Office Home School Business Writing Note Taking Journaling, 5×8.25 (10, Black)

Upgrade your writing with Huhuhero’s black hardcover notebook

Compact Size

Are you tired of bulky notebooks that don’t fit in your bag or are a struggle to carry around all day? Huhuhero has thought about you and designed the perfect solution with their compact notebook journal. Let’s dive into the details.

5″ x 8.25″ Dimensions

Seriously, the dimensions of this notebook are just perfect. The 5″ x 8.25″ size makes it easy for you to slip it into your bag or purse without worrying about bending the pages or ruining the cover. It’s really about time that someone got this right!

Ideal for Carrying Around

Oh, don’t even get me started on the convenience of this size. Finally, a notebook that’s easy to carry around without weighing you down. It’s perfect for jotting down notes at work, school, or even while traveling. No more having to force yourself to bring a huge notebook just because you need to write something down. And honestly, who wants to deal with that every day?

Fits Easily in Bag or Purse

If you’re anything like me, you hate it when your bag is full of chaos and clutter. With the Huhuhero notebook, you won’t have to worry about it adding to the mess. It fits so effortlessly into most bags and purses, it’s like it was meant to be there.

However, I ought to mention that the pen loop is missing from the recent versions of this notebook, making it less convenient to keep your pen in place. It’s quite disappointing, really, as it was a handy feature, but the overall quality is still great.

So, if you value your sanity and want a notebook that offers convenience without sacrificing on quality, look no further! This compact Huhuhero notebook is heaven-sent for anyone who wants a frustration-free writing experience. A good construction, clear lines, and great value overall. Go for it!

Huhuhero Notebooks Journal, Ruled Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Lined Journal, Black Hardcover Notebook for Office Home School Business Writing Note Taking Journaling, 5×8.25 (10, Black)

Lay-Flat 180° Design

Comfortable Writing and Reading

What a joke! You’d think Huhuhero Notebooks would deliver professional and durable faux leather notebooks, and guess what… they actually did. These ridiculously soft and smooth leather journals protect themselves for years, making it impossible for them to share wear and tear stories with you. The pages, oh those immaculate pages, they’re thick, evenly cut, and suffer from minimal ghosting or bleeding. Seriously, who knew these would actually lay flat and offer a comfortable writing and reading experience?

Perfect for Travel and Business

Just you wait, this notebook is the perfect size for carrying around, putting in your bag or purse, and annoying the hell out of anyone who sees you whipping it out in the midst of a meeting or while vacationing because you’ve got to jot down your latest revelation. Such a perfect size! Suitable for most pen types, except, surprise surprise, alcohol-based markers. Boo-hoo. Clean cut, spacious, and stylish – what a tiresome combination for writers, business folks, and students.

Convenient for Studying

Get ready for this, because it doesn’t stop here. Not content with being perfect for travel and business, this cumbersome notebook stretches to become the ultimate companion for teachers, students, and anyone in need of a book filled with ivory pages and lined paper. Long days in the classroom could’ve been so much easier if these Huhuhero Notebooks didn’t insist with their annoying expandable pocket and durable elastic closure band. Not to mention the single ribbon bookmark, sturdy enough to keep your place even after a restless flip-out due to the infuriatingly high-quality paper.

So, if you don’t want a notebook that actually lasts, has a flawless lay-flat design, handles a variety of pen types, and is perfect for traveling, business, or studying, then don’t even think about looking at Huhuhero Notebooks. It’ll just annoy you with its smart construction, clear lines, and ridiculously good value.

Huhuhero Notebooks Journal, Ruled Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Lined Journal, Black Hardcover Notebook for Office Home School Business Writing Note Taking Journaling, 5×8.25 (10, Black)

Multipurpose Notebook

Can you believe the audacity of Huhuhero creating a notebook that actually lives up to its claims? Well, they did it, and it’s infuriatingly satisfying. Read on to find out why this notebook is bound to annoy you with how well it performs in various applications.

Journaling and Note Taking

Ever wondered if you’ll ever need another notebook for your note-taking and journaling needs? You’ve just found it. This all-in-one notebook easily takes different types of pens, from ballpoint pens to brush pens, and guess what? The pages are so bloody thick that there is minimal ghosting or bleeding. So, you can scribble away during meetings or study sessions without constantly worrying about ink seeping through the pages.

Daily Planning and To-Do Lists

The sturdiness of this notebook is sickening. This thing never quits! With a 180° lay-flat design, you can improve your daily planning and make quick to-do lists without the need to hold down the pages or break the spine of your beloved notebook. Hate to break it to you, but this notebook is here to stay.

Art and Drawing

If you consider yourself an artist and think you can’t be impressed, the Huhuhero Notebook Journal will prove you wrong. The paper is frustratingly smooth and can handle most types of pens without any trouble. However, keep in mind that this ain’t the best buddy for alcohol-based markers. But for other endeavors like pencil sketches, you’ll find yourself quickly losing patience with how much this notebook accommodates your creative process.

Home, Office, and School Use

You think this was only designed for professional or personal use? Think again! The multipurpose design means you can’t escape the usefulness of this notebook when working from home, at the office, or even in school. Its handy size is perfect for stashing in a bag, purse, or apron pocket.

Adding fuel to the fire, you also get an expandable pocket, elastic closure band, and a ribbon bookmark, allowing you to keep business cards, notes, and receipts organized. This notebook refuses to let you forget important details and deadlines, making it downright exasperating.

We hate to say it, but the Huhuhero Notebook Journal is the perfect all-around notebook. Its impressive performance will drive you up the wall with how well it satisfies all your writing, drawing, planning, and organizing needs. So, buckle up and enjoy the infuriatingly smooth ride with this notebook!

Expandable Pocket

Storage for Small Paper Items

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, struggling to find a place to store those little bits of paper, business cards, and receipts that we end up collecting throughout the day. It’s absolutely infuriating trying to keep everything organized, but the Huhuhero Notebooks Journal comes to the rescue with its expandable pocket! Finally, a practical solution for all those pesky little items that always seem to get lost in the chaos of our bags and purses.

Convenient and Practical

The genius behind this expandable pocket is that it’s not only convenient but incredibly practical. Gone are the days of frantically searching for that important business card, or trying to remember where on Earth you put that pesky receipt. With the Huhuhero Notebooks Journal, everything has its place, tucked safely away in that trusty expandable pocket. Seriously, who wouldn’t want such a handy feature in their notebook?

Keeps Business Cards, Notes, and Receipts Organized

But wait, there’s more! The Huhuhero Notebooks Journal doesn’t just provide a place to store these items, it helps to keep them organized, too! That means no more rooting around at the bottom of your bag just to find one tiny piece of paper. Now you can easily access your business cards, notes, and receipts whenever you need them, all because of the fantastic expandable pocket in this notebook.

So, if you’re sick and tired of losing and misplacing those little bits of paper you desperately need, then the Huhuhero Notebooks Journal is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Go on, give yourself the gift of organization and ditch all that unnecessary stress with this fantastic, practical, and convenient notebook!

Huhuhero Notebooks Journal, Ruled Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Lined Journal, Black Hardcover Notebook for Office Home School Business Writing Note Taking Journaling, 5×8.25 (10, Black)

Click to order 5″x8.25″ Huhuhero Journal

Elastic Closure Band

Secures Notebook

Are you tired of loose pages and a messy notebook that falls apart once you toss it in your bag or purse? Well, look no further than the Huhuhero Notebooks Journal! This notebook is equipped with an elastic closure band, so you can say goodbye to those chaotic and disorganized notebooks. The band secures your notebook, preventing any pages from falling out or getting creased. Finally, you can enjoy a pristine and well-kept journal!

Strong and Durable

You may be wondering whether this elastic band will hold up against the test of time. Rest assured, because this elastic band is strong and durable. No need to worry about it snapping or losing its elasticity after just a few uses. The Huhuhero Notebooks Journal elastic band will keep your notebook looking immaculate and function efficiently for a long time, no matter how many times you open and close it.

Keeps Pages Neat and Protected

Are you tired of those irritating little spills or smudges on your precious notebook pages? Are you fed up with spending valuable time trying to find the right page in your messy notebook? Here’s some good news: The Huhuhero Notebooks Journal elastic band will keep your pages neat and well-protected. No more fussing over wrinkled or damaged pages. Just a sleek, tidy notebook that’s always ready to use, thanks to the elastic closure band that keeps everything in order.

Ribbon Bookmark

Easy Page Marking

It’s downright infuriating when you’re trying to keep track of all your brilliant notes, ideas, and doodles in a notebook without any convenient way to mark your spot! Luckily, the Huhuhero Notebook has got your back with an easy-to-use ribbon bookmark. All you have to do is slip this little lifesaver between the pages, and presto! No more flipping endlessly to find your last jot.

Convenient and Time-Saving

Seriously, who has the time to leaf through piles of paper just to find that one idea buried in the depths of a chaotic notebook? The ribbon bookmark in the Huhuhero Notebook saves you from all that hassle. A quick flick of the wrist, and you’re right back where you left off. Just don’t go losing your marbles if the ribbon slips out – we’ve all been there!

Integrated in the Notebook Design

It’s about time someone made a notebook with a bookmark that doesn’t feel like an afterthought. The Huhuhero Notebook’s ribbon bookmark is integrated seamlessly into the design, melding perfectly with the sleek and professional aesthetic. So, sayonara to those flimsy, tacky adhesive bookmarks that just don’t cut it anymore!

The Huhuhero Notebook is a real game-changer for those tired of subpar journal offerings. Don’t settle for less – make the smart choice and embrace the convenience, efficiency, and sophistication of the Huhuhero Notebook. Just bear in mind that our dear friend, the pen loop, seems to have taken an unfortunate hiatus in the latest batch. Otherwise, you’re in for a top-notch notebook experience that’s miles ahead of its competitors.

Gift Ideas

So, you’re considering the Huhuhero Notebooks Journal as a gift? Well, think twice, because there’s more to these notebooks than meets the eye. Sure, they might seem like a versatile option for various occasions, but let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of why these notebooks simply don’t live up to the hype.


Imagine the disappointment on your loved one’s face when they open their Huhuhero Notebook and find the pen loop missing. What kind of gift is that?! When you’re writing down your most heartfelt thoughts, the last thing anyone needs is their pen rolling away. Not exactly the birthday gift that leaves a lasting impression.


Apart from the black color, there’s nothing remotely spooky or Halloween-appropriate about these notebooks. The lack of creativity is appalling! With so many unique journal designs out there, you’re better off choosing something that reflects the season’s eerie and festive spirit.


Sure, Huhuhero claims their notebooks would make a great Christmas gift, but do they really? You’re just giving your loved ones headaches with these faulty notebooks! These problems make the recipient question your thoughtfulness, and that’s not the vibe you want during the holiday season.

Back to College

Your student deserves better. Uprooting their lives and diving into the world of higher education is challenging enough; the last thing they need is a disappointing notebook added to their load. And let’s face it, the “premium thick paper notepad” claim is nothing but a tall tale. Pen ghosting and bleeding? Yeah, right!

So, if you’re planning to gift the Huhuhero Notebooks Journal for any of these occasions, save yourself the embarrassment and look for a higher-quality alternative. You want your gift to show that you care, so don’t disappoint your friends and family by trusting the unreliable Huhuhero brand. Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid making the same blunder yourself!

Huhuhero Notebooks Journal, Ruled Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Lined Journal, Black Hardcover Notebook for Office Home School Business Writing Note Taking Journaling, 5×8.25 (10, Black)

Customer Reviews

Positive Feedback

It’s infuriating that customers seem to have nothing but good things to say about Huhuhero Notebooks Journal. In fact, they continue to praise this seemingly perfect notebook for its ability to lay flat, making it easy to track work projects and take notes without losing their place. Don’t they know that this only fuels the desire to purchase one?

Construction and Paper Quality

Let’s talk about the construction and paper quality of these so-called amazing notebooks. Customers rave about the durability, with the faux leather cover feeling soft and smooth and the pages being evenly cut. They even have the audacity to mention the 120Gsm thick lined paper, 35% thicker than normal, which resists damage and doesn’t cause eye irritation. What’s even worse is that the paper is super smooth, almost slick, making it a delight for artists and writers. Seriously, is there anything to dislike about this notebook?

Line Spacing and Size

Want to get even angrier? Apparently, the line spacing on the Huhuhero Notebook Journal is an ideal 6mm, making it “perfect” for all forms of writing. And as if that wasn’t enough, the size is conveniently 5″x8.25″, allowing it to fit into a bag or purse with absolute ease. It’s simply atrocious how perfect this notebook seems to be.

Value for Money

Lastly, these downright frustrating notebooks also have the nerve to offer good value for money. Customers claim that they’ll last them for years, making it a reliable purchase. Plus, with their sleek design and multiple uses, who could resist the temptation? So be warned: these Huhuhero Notebooks Journals might just make you cave in and buy them for yourself.

Huhuhero Notebooks Journal Review

Alright, folks, let’s talk about these Huhuhero Notebooks Journals. By now, you’ve probably seen those rave reviews above — you know, the ones where they’re practically gushing about the quality and functionality. But let’s cut through the hype and take a closer look, shall we?

What’s the deal with these notebooks, anyway?

These Huhuhero Notebooks Journals boast a professional, durable faux leather cover — so don’t worry about it falling apart after a few months like that cheaper notebook you bought last time. The pages are indeed thick, evenly cut and, to be fair, there’s little to no bleeding or ghosting when using most pens. The lay-flat 180° design does make writing and reading comfortable, but don’t let these features blind you to some of the product’s shortcomings that we’ll discuss in a bit.

Features: Are they really that great?

Sure, the expandable pocket, elastic closure band, and ribbon bookmark are nice touches — but let’s not get too carried away. Yes, they offer a degree of convenience and make organizing notes a breeze, but they’re not winning any innovation awards, are they?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable for fountain pens?

Well, it depends on your definition of suitable. The thick pages handle most pens well, but be cautious with wetter fountain pens as the ink might feather or bleed through.

How many notebooks are included?

Ten black notebooks are included in this pack. But keep in mind, do you really need ten? Years will pass before you fill all these up.

Are the pages perforated?

Nope, they’re not. So if you’re one of those who like to rip out pages after using them for notes, lists, or doodles, you might end up with some ragged edges.

Can it be used as a bullet journal?

Yes, you can certainly use this notebook as a bullet journal. But don’t expect to find preprinted sections or a dot grid — remember, you’re getting lined pages here. So if that’s good enough for you, have at it!

Is the paper acid-free?

The product description claims their paper resists damage from light and air, which implies it’s acid-free. But we don’t have a definitive answer here, so proceed with caution if you’re picky about long-term preservation.

The Verdict

Listen, these Huhuhero Notebooks Journals are not the worst choice out there. But they’re not groundbreaking, and you may find yourself coming across some shortcomings. If you need a bunch of decent notebooks for a relatively affordable price, go for it. But if you’re looking for that perfect, top-of-the-line journal, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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