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Counting & Sorting Skills

Improving Early Math Skills

Inspire the young learner in your life with the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party toy set! Designed for ages 3 and up, this interactive toy stimulates children to enhance their counting and sorting abilities. One happy customer shared how her 3-year-old memorized the colors and knows immediately which numbered gift is missing, offering endless joy and repetition in learning numbers.

Learning Number Recognition

In addition to fostering early math skills, the Counting Surprise Party playset improves number recognition abilities. Each two-piece present box displays a unique number, providing little ones with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with number identification. Furthermore, parents and educators can use the surprise toys as tools to help teach and reinforce number associations in a fun, interactive way.

Matching Items with Corresponding Numbers

Not only does the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party set focus on number recognition, but it also encourages a grasp of matching concepts. With ten different surprise toys hidden inside the numbered boxes, children will be thrilled to discover a new delightful trinket every time they play. The process of matching the objects with their respective present boxes adds another layer of education and engagement for little minds.

Sorting Objects by Size and Color

Finally, the Counting Surprise Party toy set promotes vital sorting skills among young learners. With varying shapes, colors, and sizes, the surprise toys inside the numbered present boxes offer endless opportunities for children to sort and organize the objects according to different attributes. As they do so, their fine motor skills and color recognition aptitude will only continue to blossom.

The Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party toy set is an all-around winner, offering a multitude of learning opportunities for young children to develop and improve their counting, sorting, matching, and number recognition skills. Versatile and engaging, this fine motor homeschooling tool promises hours of educational fun and discovery. Don’t let this gem slip through your fingers – get your hands on the Counting Surprise Party set today and watch your little one’s learning journey unfold!

Surprise Toys

The 10 different toys

The Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party offers a delightful assortment of 10 unique surprise toys concealed within colorful two-piece presents. These toys not only excite young minds but also serve as essential tools for developing essential counting, sorting, and matching skills. Each box comes with a different toy, adding variety and excitement to the learning experience. As claimed by many satisfied parents and educators, these sturdy little numbered gifts are a huge hit with toddlers!

Enhancing excitement and engagement

Playing with surprise toys is always fun, but it’s the added element of unpredictability that boosts the excitement and engagement level for children. The Counting Surprise Party set manages to intrigue children as they unbox the presents and uncover the concealed toys. One parent shared an ingenious way of incorporating this set into playtime – by hiding the gifts for their child to find, turning it into an enjoyable treasure hunt. Talk about thinking outside the box!

Switching up the surprises

One of the substantial advantages of the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party set is its versatility. The 10 surprise toys can be switched around, fostering creativity and enhancing playtime possibilities. The two-piece boxes can be mixed and matched, stimulating endless ways of sorting and organizing. Moreover, they are easy to open and close, which makes it ideal for small hands during the learning process.

Incorporating toys in multiple play scenarios

The Counting Surprise Party set is a fantastic addition to a variety of play scenarios. The durable numbered boxes double as present toys for other popular playsets, such as Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, and Calico Critters. The trinkets inside could also participate with other toys and expand universal narratives. These lively little toys are instrumental in developing fundamental skills and allow children to enjoy an unlimited adventure- from simple counting and sorting activities to imaginative pretend birthday parties and festive celebrations.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile, engaging, and durable educational toy for your little one, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party set is undoubtedly worth considering. It’s excellent value for money and a surefire hit with kids aged 3 and up! So go ahead and surprise them with this fantastic counting and sorting toy – they’ll undoubtedly unbox endless joy and learning opportunities.

Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party, Homeschool, Fine Motor, Counting  Sorting Toy, Ages 3+

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Fine Motor Skills

As our little ones grow and develop, it’s essential for them to work on refining their fine motor skills to ensure they can confidently perform everyday tasks such as zipping up jackets, tying shoe laces, and using utensils. The Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is an engaging and entertaining tool to help foster these crucial skills.

Opening and closing the present boxes

One of the key aspects of this toy is the surprise hidden within each colorful and numbered box. To discover the secret, children must practice opening and closing the lids, which in turn challenges their fine motor skills. The slightly tight fit of the lids encourages kids to ask for help when needed or to summon up their determination and develop the strength they need to complete the task on their own.

Handling small toys

Once they’ve unboxed their surprise, children are greeted with cute, high-quality trinkets waiting to be played with. These small, easy-to-identify toys are perfect for little hands to grasp, hold, and manipulate, further refining their grip and overall fine motor abilities.

Coordinating hand and finger movements

The Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party presents children with a variety of different opportunities to hone their hand-eye coordination skills. As they play, they’ll learn to match the numbered boxes with their respective lids, build one-to-one correspondence, and improve their bilateral hand skills by holding a box in one hand and removing or replacing the lid with the other.

Strengthening hand muscles

The repetition of opening and closing the present boxes, as well as handling and sorting the small trinkets, helps to build strength in the muscles of the hands and fingers. This is essential for developing the dexterity and coordination required for later tasks such as writing, cutting, and buttoning clothes.

Though it’s important to supervise children during play due to the small pieces and potential choking hazards, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is an invaluable tool for engaging children aged 3+ in improving their fine motor skills, all while having a blast unboxing the fun surprises within. And who knows – this captivating toy might even keep them entertained for hours on end!

Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party, Homeschool, Fine Motor, Counting  Sorting Toy, Ages 3+

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Color Recognition

Identifying Unique Colors

One of the fantastic features of the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is the assortment of unique colors used for the boxes and lids. While some reviewers mentioned that the colors deviate from the standard red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, brown, black, white, and gray, it may actually benefit toddlers and preschoolers by exposing them to a wider range of colors. By incorporating these unique shades, the toy helps children expand their color recognition skills and become more versatile and flexible in their learning.

Matching Colors with Numbers

Another amazing aspect of the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is the integration of numbers alongside the colors. The boxes are numbered from one to ten, and these numbers enable children to match the box with its corresponding lid while also learning counting skills. By combining colors and numbers, this toy adds an extra layer of learning and development for young children and piques their curiosity.

Developing Visual Perception Skills

This counting and sorting toy not only aids in color recognition but also helps develop important visual perception skills. Children enhance their ability to process and interpret visual information as they engage in matching, sorting, and counting activities with the toys. The surprise element of discovering different items in the boxes further strengthens their visual perception skills as they learn to recognize and identify the objects inside.

Sorting Toys by Color

Finally, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party encourages children to sort the toys by color. This activity not only improves their understanding and recognition of different colors but also strengthens their cognitive and fine motor skills. By using both hands to grasp, manipulate, and arrange the toys, children build their hand-eye coordination and enhance their spatial awareness. Overall, the color recognition aspect of the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party provides a fun, engaging, and educational experience for children aged 3 and up.

Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party, Homeschool, Fine Motor, Counting  Sorting Toy, Ages 3+

Great for Speech Therapy

Encouraging communication during play

Kids, hold onto your party hats, as the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is here to make learning numbers, colors, and sorting an absolute blast! This unique toy, perfect for homeschool settings or speech therapy sessions with children aged 3 and up, not only provides a platform for children to develop fine motor skills but also encourages communication as they play. One user highlighted the effectiveness of the toy in prompting her ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) students to communicate while they identify and name the tiny objects hidden inside each box.

Naming objects and colors

These boxes are nothing short of a wonderland for the little ones, filled with 10 surprise toys that are waiting to be discovered. And the excitement doesn’t stop there, as parents can switch up the contents to keep the surprises coming. The numbered and colorful boxes not only foster color and number recognition skills but also serve as a versatile learning environment for kids, including those on the autism spectrum, as one parent testified.

Expanding vocabulary

With the goal of enhancing vocabulary development, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party also doubles as a reward system during speech therapy sessions. These delightful boxes can be used to work on understanding and using simple spatial concepts, as well as expanding words into phrases and sentences. Trust us, your tiny tot is going to love playing with these sturdy and fun little numbered gifts.

Practicing expressive and receptive language skills

As a valuable aid for practicing expressive and receptive language skills, this counting surprise party has garnered praise from users in both home and therapy settings. Its unique design encourages children to ask for help if they struggle with the lids, thus paving the way for opportunities to practice and develop language skills.

However, it’s worth taking note of a few possible improvements—some users mentioned the unconventional color choices, suggesting that standard colors would be more suitable for young children. Also, the incorporation of a storage container and a matching system between objects and box numbers would have been the icing on the cake.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is a surefire hit for little ones who are eager to learn and explore. Just remember to supervise playtime due to the small objects posing as choking hazards. So, roll out the welcome mat and let the learning party begin!

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Versatile Play Options

Combining with other toys

One fantastic aspect of the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is its ability to be combined with other toys for even more fun and educational benefits. Users mentioned how they have successfully incorporated the counting and sorting game into their existing toy collections, creating even more engaging and diverse learning activities. With this versatility, the product continues to hold children’s interest and spark creativity while delivering valuable educational content at the same time.

Creating pretend birthday parties

What child doesn’t love a good birthday party? The Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party can easily be transformed into a festive, pretend celebration that kids will surely enjoy. By repurposing the toy’s colorful boxes and their delightful surprise toys inside, imaginative youngsters can create their own dream birthday parties, complete with presents, party games, and even cake! This not only strengthens children’s imaginative play skills but also promotes social development as they engage with friends by sharing, taking turns, and discussing their pretend scenarios.

Incorporating into playsets

Another fantastic feature of the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is its easy integration into various playsets. Whether your child loves to play with dollhouses, train sets, or any other type of playset, these versatile counting and sorting boxes can seamlessly join in the fun. As kids incorporate the product into their imaginative worlds, they continue to develop essential cognitive and problem-solving skills, all while enjoying hours of engaging, interactive playtime.

Engaging in imaginative play

Last but certainly not least, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party promotes imaginative play, a critical aspect of child development. As children unbox their surprise toys and interact with the unique colors and numbers, they can create endless stories and scenarios that keep them captivated and entertained. From trips to the zoo to visits from magical creatures, the sky’s the limit as kids engage in creative storytelling, further refining their language and cognitive skills in the process.

Consider the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party a preschooler’s treasure trove – a multi-faceted learning tool designed to entertain and educate children simultaneously. While it may not be perfect in terms of color choices and materials used, it nonetheless offers numerous play options and learning experiences tailored to suit your child’s unique needs and preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Your child’s counting and sorting surprise party awaits!

Durable and High-Quality

Long-lasting materials

He won’t be disappointed with the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party’s top-notch construction as the materials used are solid and designed to last long. This is great because it means little ones can play without the need for constant supervision or replacement making it ideal for busy parents. She’ll love its resilience and how it doesn’t shatter easily, ensuring a positive and versatile learning environment for her child on the autism spectrum.

Safe for young children

Safety is paramount when it comes to kids’ toys, and this Counting Surprise Party set doesn’t disappoint. Designed for children aged 3 and up, it caters to their developmental stage and ensures they learn while having fun. Plus, it’s a fantastic addition to homeschool supplies for any toddler, making learning an enjoyable experience.

Withstanding rough play

Let’s face it – kids can be a little rough when it comes to playtime. Luckily, this counting and sorting toy is designed to withstand the rough play that children tend to exhibit. With the product’s well-packaged and durable design, it ensures the grandsons keep enjoying it for a long time without any signs of wear and tear. She can recommend it to anyone without any reservations.

Various high-quality trinkets

What sets the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party apart from other toys is the excitement of discovering different high-quality surprise toys in every one of the 10 boxes. Not only does this keep young children engaged, but it can be a never-ending source of joy as parents mix and match the trinkets to keep the experience fresh. So, whether it’s hiding the gifts for a fun treasure hunt or using them for speech therapy, this delightful counting and sorting toy is sure to please.

Overall, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is an excellent investment with its durable materials, safe design, and delightful surprises. It promotes fine motor skills, color recognition, counting, and sorting while keeping children joyfully entertained. Don’t miss out on this fantastic learning tool; your child will thank you for it!

Homeschool Supplies

Ages 3+

The Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party offers a fantastic learning tool suitable for toddlers and young children, aged three and up. Parents and educators will find that this counting and sorting toy brings joy and engagement to early childhood learning at home.

Enriching at-home learning

Integrating this Counting Surprise Party toy into homeschooling will not only enhance pre-academic skills but also allow the little ones to work on their fine motor skills. With the toy’s captivating features, children practice matching colors, recognizing numbers, and develop bilateral hand skills. It is an excellent way for children to nurture their skills while being educated at home.

Engaging independent play

As parents have mentioned in their reviews, the surprise factor of finding different toys inside each box keeps children interested in playing independently. The 10 different toy surprises await them, ensuring that they remain engaged and have fun while learning. The unique colors and numbers featured on the presents inspire curiosity, leading to hours of independent playtime.

Supporting learning during playtime

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party can be utilized during speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions. As many reviews have mentioned, speech therapists recommend using it for working on expressive language, vocabulary development, and extending words into phrases and sentences.

While there is room for improvement in terms of color choices and storage solutions, the overall benefits of this toy for toddlers and young children can’t be understated. It is evident from many satisfied customers that this counting and sorting toy has proven to be a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and therapists alike.

So, dive into the world of delightful surprises and colors with the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party, and watch as your child’s skills blossom during these crucial early years.

Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party, Homeschool, Fine Motor, Counting  Sorting Toy, Ages 3+

Real Customer Reviews

Positive experiences from parents

Parents can’t seem to get enough of the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party, and it’s not hard to see why! One parent recounted an unexpectedly delightful experience with her 3-year-old daughter, who found immense joy in playing hide and seek with the colorful gifts. She noted that her daughter has managed to memorize the colors and can identify a missing gift right away. Another happy parent praised the set’s versatility, stating that their kids, aged 3 and 7, are still playing with it daily. From integrating it into different playsets like Peppa Pig and Barbie to using it for surprise egg play, the endless possibilities cater to various ages and interests.

Autism-friendly learning tool

For parents with children on the autism spectrum, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party has proven to be a valuable and adaptable learning tool. One such parent praised the kit’s multi-functionality, as it encourages learning through numbers, colors, and the unique items inside the gifts. The element of surprise is also a major selling point, as children can discover different toys in every box and switch out what’s inside each time. With a focus on fine motor skills, color recognition, and counting and sorting, this homeschool toy offers a versatile and interactive learning environment for children of all abilities.

Usage during speech therapy

Additionally, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party has found its way into speech therapy sessions, where it has become a hit among the children. Grandparents have also chimed in with their praise, reporting that their young granddaughters, aged 2 and 3, simply adore playing with the durable numbered gifts filled with surprises. Whether used to facilitate learning or enliven playtime activities, this engaging and delightful toy has received rave reviews from customers with various needs and requirements.

All in all, the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party is a highly recommended educational and entertaining toy that caters to children aged 3 and above. With its endless possibilities for play, autism-friendly design, and use in speech therapy, it’s a win-win purchase for any parent, grandparent, or educator. So go on and surprise your little ones with this delightful set – it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the surprise toys?

The surprise toys found inside the Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party presents are perfectly sized for little hands. Each toy is small enough to easily hide within the boxes, but still large enough for kids to grasp and play with comfortably. However, keep in mind that due to their size, these toys may pose a choking hazard for children who still put objects in their mouths, so supervision is recommended when using this toy.

Is the Counting Surprise Party set BPA-free?

The Learning Resources Counting Surprise Party set is BPA-free, ensuring that it is safe for kids to play with. The materials used in the construction of this educational toy are high-quality, durable, and non-toxic, so parents can have peace of mind as their little ones learn and develop their skills.

What is the age range for this educational toy?

The Counting Surprise Party set by Learning Resources is recommended for children ages 3 and up. This fun and engaging toy helps young learners develop their counting, sorting, and matching skills, while also working on their fine motor abilities and color recognition.

Can the surprise toys be swapped with other small toys?

Yes! The Counting Surprise Party presents can be filled with any small toy or object, making it a versatile learning tool. Users can customize the toy to fit the interests and needs of their children, working on speech therapy or as a reward system for various tasks. By changing the surprise toys, parents and educators can keep the activity fresh and challenging, stimulating children’s curiosity and interest during playtime.

Does the Counting Surprise Party come with a storage case?

The Counting Surprise Party set does not come with a dedicated storage case. However, the two-piece presents themselves can serve as a storage solution for the surprise toys. Simply pack the toys back into their respective boxes and stack or store them as needed. For added organization and convenience, you can always use a small bag or container to keep the presents all together.

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