About Us

About Home School Gear

Home School Gear is a website run by a homeschooling parent who is dedicated to providing quality recommendations on the gear and tools to use for home education. With years of experience and research, we have been able to create a catalog of the best gear that is both effective and affordable for homeschooling.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is to fuel and inspire the passion of homeschooling parents by providing them with quality products that enable them to teach more efficiently. This website was created to share not just the materials we use but also give a guided parenting approach for homeschooling. We understand that homeschooling may be overwhelming and exhausting at times, and we aim to make homeschooling as smooth as possible.

Our Products

Our product assortment includes a range of homeschool gear, such as study materials, manipulatives for maths, tools for art & craft, books, games, and more. Each product we endorse has been analyzed and tested for usage suitability for various stages of schooling. The selection of our products is our pride, and we can vouch for the quality of gear we recommend.

Our Reviews

We believe that our honest and comprehensive product reviews set us apart from our competitors. We take pride in giving unbiased, transparent reviews, even if it means not promoting a product that doesn’t meet our standard. Our aim is to give parents the best possible evaluation of the product so they can make a well-informed purchase as per their requirements.


We hope that Home School Gear has been helpful in providing you with the best gear for your homeschooling journey. We are committed to continuing serving affordable, effective products, and bringing valuable information to the parents who have chosen to homeschool their children. We are confident that our website will benefit homeschoolers in building an educational atmosphere that meets the needs of their children and is both, functional and enjoyable.