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Design and Structure

High-quality vinyl material

The Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is made of a sturdy vinyl material, enabling it to last for multiple school years. This durability also allows the chart to be wiped clean, ensuring a fresh and tidy appearance every time. Not only does the high-quality material add to the chart’s longevity, it also contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal, making it an attractive addition to any classroom or homeschooling environment.

Large size for better visibility

Measuring 30.75″L x 44.25″H, the calendar is quite large and clearly labeled, making it easy to read and interpret for both teachers and students alike. This generous size ensures that important information stands out and encourages an interactive learning experience. With the help of this calendar, students can actively engage in learning about days, months, years, seasons, and weather in a dynamic and exciting way.

Hanging grommets for easy installation

The Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart comes with hanging grommets, making it exceedingly simple to set up in the classroom or at home. It can be easily hung on the wall using command strips or other preferred methods, making for a seamless and hassle-free installation process. This user-friendly design feature saves time and energy, allowing educators to focus on what truly matters—their students’ learning.

Pockets at the bottom for extra storage

At the bottom of the chart, there are pockets designed to hold additional calendar cards. While some users have shared that their spare cards don’t quite fit completely within the pockets, the concept of multitasking storage is still appreciated. These extra pockets are great for storing important pieces such as weather cards, holidays, and special events.

The weather pocket area’s slackness and drooping have been noted by some users; however, this doesn’t detract from the product’s overall functionality to any significant degree. It’s worth noting that the seasons and weather cards do not have words written on them like the other cards, although some users may prefer a more explicit visual representation. This is a minor drawback, and the variety of the chart’s other features more than makes up for this shortcoming.

Overall, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is a thoughtfully designed and aesthetically pleasing educational tool. Despite a few minor flaws, its high-quality materials, user-friendly structure, and engaging content make it an excellent option for anyone looking to enhance their students’ learning experience, whether in a classroom or homeschool setting.

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Calendar Cards

136 double-sided, full-color cards

The Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart comes with a total of 136 double-sided, full-color cards. These cards are one of my favorite features of this pocket chart. They are designed to engage children in learning about seasonal happenings, holidays, special events, and weather. I also appreciate the blank cards that come with it, which allows me to add special days such as grandparents day, friendship day, or even arbor day!

Sturdy and thick construction

The cards themselves are made of good quality materials. They have a nice thickness to them, ensuring they don’t get easily damaged or torn as we use them. To give you an idea of their durability, my youngest, who’s not yet in school, is exposed to this pocket chart for days, weeks, and my other older kids still enjoy and learn from it.

Black and red number options

I love the fact that the numbers for days are double-sided with red and black. This allows me to put the days that have already passed in black and the current day along with those coming up in red, giving the kids a great visual aid. This also helps when teaching kids about Sundays as they can be represented in red, just like on a printed or digital calendar.

Updates for up to 10 years

Another impressive feature of these cards is that they can last for up to 10 years! The chart comes with cards for years that have passed, all the way up to future years, making sure you get plenty of use out of it. If you ever run out of year cards, you can simply use the backside of old cards and write the new date with a permanent marker. A great investment, indeed!

One thing I wish was different, though, is the storage of all these cards. The pockets at the bottom aren’t big enough to hold everything, but that’s not really a deal-breaker for me. I simply use separate plastic bags for the different categories of cards and store them in the yellow pockets at the bottom or hang them on a hook beside the chart. This setup works for me, and I can easily access the cards when I need them.

In terms of usability and value, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart has been an excellent addition to our homeschooling routine. Despite a few minor issues like hanging hardware and card storage, I would highly recommend this pocket chart for parents and teachers looking to make learning about calendars, seasons, and weather engaging and fun for their children. Overall, a great investment that has made learning both educational and enjoyable in our home.

Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart Review

I must say, I’m really impressed with the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart. After using it both at home and in the classroom, I believe this is an incredible teaching tool for children to learn about calendars, weather, and even special occasions. The 136 double-sided, full-color cards and the sturdy vinyl chart make it a great, long-lasting addition to any learning environment. Let me share some key features and tips to get the most out of this fantastic calendar kit.

Weather Cards with Names on the Back

One thing I appreciate about this calendar are the weather cards, which come with names written on the back. This helps kids easily identify different weather conditions. However, the cards can be a bit droopy in the weather pocket, which might be something to watch out for. Otherwise, they’re an excellent resource in teaching children about weather and are pretty straightforward to use.

Seasonal Illustrations for Easy Identification

I like that there are seasonal illustrations included in the kit. These help children easily recognize and learn the different seasons. However, as one reviewer mentioned, it would be better if there was text to clearly label each season, to avoid any confusion among the little ones.

Flexible Use for Different Ages and Learning Stages

What I love the most about the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is its flexibility. I’ve personally used it for homeschooling my kids, but it’s also a fantastic addition to any classroom. Although it may have some minor drawbacks, I firmly believe that it’s a great investment on your child’s learning journey.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart to any parent or educator seeking to make learning about calendars, weather, and seasons fun and engaging. It’s a versatile, well-built, and comprehensive teaching tool that will undoubtedly help youngsters develop their cognitive skills while still enjoying the process.

Teaching Tools

Days of the Week, Months, and Years

As a parent, I found this Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart to be an essential teaching tool to educate my kids about days, weeks, months, and years. With 136 double-sided, full-color cards, it covers everything we needed to teach about the calendar, months of the year, days of the week, and the concept of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The numbers for days are double-sided with red and black which help to give a better visual for my kids.

Holidays, Appointments, and Birthdays Cards

One of the best parts about this pocket chart is the inclusion of cards for various holidays, appointments, and birthdays. This not only adds a fun element to the calendar but also helps us to remember important dates. With blank cards included, I can add special days of my own, like Grandparents Day or Friendship Day, adding an extra touch of personalization. The only minor issue I found was that the pockets at the bottom aren’t really big enough to hold all the cards inside when they’re not being used. However, this is easily solved by organizing the cards into separate sandwich bags, so they stay neat and tidy while allowing easier access.

Rote Counting and Predicting the Next Number

Apart from teaching about days and months, this pocket chart also encourages rote counting and helps the kids to predict the next number. This is a great way to sharpen their counting and numerical skills. While the chart isn’t perfect (e.g., the arrangement of dates in the calendar and storage for extra cards), it still serves as a fantastic learning tool for preschoolers up to the 1st grade.

All in all, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart stands as a great investment for parents and teachers alike. Its sturdy vinyl material ensures durability, and the content it offers makes learning enjoyable and engaging for the little ones. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t include any hardware to hang it up, but it’s not a big deal since you can easily manage with screws through the holes at the top. So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational way to teach your children or students about the calendar, weather, and various other concepts, this pocket chart is the way to go!

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At-home and Classroom Use

Ideal for preschool to 1st grade

The Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is a wonderful teaching tool for both teachers and parents. Its large size and numerous cards make it perfect for engaging a classroom full of children or for use at home. Children in preschool to 1st grade can benefit the most from this chart as they learn about the days of the week, months, weather, and counting.

Homeschooling benefits

Not only is this pocket chart excellent for use in the classroom, but it is also a great resource for homeschooling. It helps children understand the months, days, weeks, and even seasons. The interactive nature of the chart provides a fun, hands-on way for kids to learn and remember important concepts.

Interactive and engaging for children

One of the primary benefits of the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is its engaging and interactive design. Children enjoy updating the calendar each day, predicting the next number or day, and choosing the appropriate weather card. With double-sided cards and slots for special holidays and events, children are exposed to a wealth of new ideas and celebrations. By making learning fun, this chart encourages children to develop essential skills.

Storage and organization for teachers

While the yellow pockets at the bottom of the chart may not be large enough to hold all the extra cards, they do provide a convenient place to store frequently used cards such as the next date and days of the week cards. To keep the remaining cards organized, some users have found it helpful to store them in ziplock bags, grouped by purpose like holidays, birthdays, and school events, then placed in the lower pockets, or hung on a hook beside the chart.

Although the chart doesn’t come with hardware to hang it up, its sturdy vinyl material with hanging grommets ensures it can easily be hung with screws or hooks. Its durability means it can withstand frequent use by curious little hands.

In spite of a few minor drawbacks, such as the absence of hanging hardware and the need for additional storage for unused cards, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is a valuable tool for anyone seeking a fun and engaging way to teach young children about calendars, days, weeks, and weather. I highly recommend this product for both at-home and classroom use.

Learning Resources Calendar  Weather Pocket Chart - 136 Pieces School Calendar for Classrooms, Calendar Kit for Classroom, Homeschool Calendar

Benefits for Parent-Child Engagement

Daily Review of Date and Weather

The Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart offers a fantastic opportunity for daily engagement with children. The 136 double-sided, full-color cards allow parents and children to discuss and learn about the current day, date, month, and weather together. With this interactive calendar, children will develop an understanding of the importance of keeping track of the date and being aware of the weather conditions outside. The cards are highly visual and attractive, making the process enjoyable for kids.

Learning Responsibility and Planning

The chart encourages children to be responsible for updating the calendar daily, which promotes a sense of responsibility and ownership. By being in charge of their calendar, they learn that planning is essential for their daily activities. The chart fosters an awareness of upcoming events like holidays and special occasions, helping children understand the concept of time and the importance of scheduling. And, since the calendar is made of sturdy vinyl that’s designed to last for years, it’ll help develop these skills in children over the long term.

Improving Communication and Learning Together

Engaging with the Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart allows for quality parent-child interaction. By discussing the date, weather, and seasonal happenings, children and parents can communicate more effectively and enjoy a shared learning experience. This hands-on calendar is perfect for homeschooling or supplementing classroom learning. Although some of the storage pockets may be limited in size, and there may be instances where not all days can be accommodated for certain months, these minor drawbacks can be managed, giving parents and children the opportunity to find creative solutions together.

Overall, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is an excellent investment in your child’s education and development. With its durable design, visually appealing cards, and opportunity for interactive learning, it’s a valuable tool that can greatly enhance the bond between parent and child while promoting essential life skills such as planning, responsibility, and communication.

Learning Resources Calendar  Weather Pocket Chart - 136 Pieces School Calendar for Classrooms, Calendar Kit for Classroom, Homeschool Calendar

Multilingual Use

One of the standout features of the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is its versatility when it comes to language learning. Whether you’re a bilingual family or a teacher with diverse language backgrounds in the classroom, this calendar offers plenty of opportunities for customizing the content to suit your multilingual needs.

Creating custom cards in different languages

While the calendar comes with 136 double-sided, full-color cards in English, there’s no limit to the adaptability of the product. If you’re looking to make it more inclusive for speakers of other languages, it’s easy to create custom cards in different languages to fit the pockets. This flexibility ensures that learners of different linguistic backgrounds can fully benefit from the calendar activities while becoming familiar with days, months, holidays and weather in their native languages.

Simultaneous English and Spanish learning

For those who are aiming to teach English and Spanish simultaneously, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is ideal. A user mentioned that they planned to make cards for their country’s holidays and cards in Spanish to work with both languages. The ability to have a bilingual calendar allows students or children to quickly grasp the similarities and differences between the two languages, enhancing their language skills and fostering bilingualism.

Adaptable for diverse language backgrounds

In today’s globalized world, it’s common for classrooms to have students from diverse language backgrounds. The Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart makes it easier for teachers to accommodate this diversity. By creating and incorporating custom cards for different languages, educators can foster an inclusive environment where all students feel represented.

In addition to language customization, this calendar & weather pocket chart offers a variety of other useful features. The sturdy vinyl build and hanging grommets ensure it can withstand daily use in the classroom or home, and the many cards included cover different aspects of time and weather comprehension.

However, some users have reported slight drawbacks such as the cards covering the day numbers when inserted or confusion over the order of the “today, yesterday, and tomorrow” pockets. Despite these small issues, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is a fantastic tool to help children or students build their understanding of calendar and weather concepts—especially in a multilingual context.

Learning Resources Calendar  Weather Pocket Chart - 136 Pieces School Calendar for Classrooms, Calendar Kit for Classroom, Homeschool Calendar

Handling and Maintenance

Installation with Command Strips

One fantastic aspect of the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is the ease of installation. I’ve found that using Command Strips works wonderfully for hanging the chart in various locations, such as the inside of my front door or a dedicated wall space in my child’s room. This method ensures that the pocket chart stays securely in place while also allowing for easy removal or relocation without causing any damage to surfaces.

Wiping Off for Easy Cleaning

Keeping the pocket chart clean is a breeze! The sturdy vinyl material used in the design allows me to simply use a damp cloth or wet wipe to remove any dust, dirt, or smudges that may accumulate over time. This feature ensures that my pocket chart always looks neat and tidy, ready for daily use as a fun and engaging teaching tool.

Durability and Longevity

I must say, the build quality of the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is truly impressive. The vinyl material is quite durable, and the chart shows no signs of wear and tear even after months of daily use. In fact, the chart still looks as good as new, making it a worthwhile investment in my child’s educational journey. The double-sided, full-color cards included with the chart also hold up well over time, maintaining their vibrant and engaging appearance.

Storing Additional Cards

With 136 cards included in the set, it’s crucial to have a practical storage solution to keep them organized and easily accessible. While the yellow pockets at the bottom of the chart seem like the logical choice for storage, they are unfortunately not big enough to accommodate all the extra cards. However, I have found a simple solution by using a Ziplock bag to store the remaining cards and hanging the bag on a hook next to the chart for easy access. This way, I always have the necessary cards for each day within reach, without having to “fish” around for the correct date, day, or weather condition.

Overall, the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is a valuable teaching tool that brings an added layer of fun and engagement to my child’s learning experience. Despite a few minor shortcomings, I highly recommend it for educators, parents, and homeschooling families looking for a versatile, durable, and visually appealing calendar for their young learners.

Possible Improvements

As much as the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart has been a valuable addition to my learning environment, there are a few areas where I think improvements could be made. In this section, I’ll share my thoughts on these possible improvements.

Rearranging past, present, future day slots

One thing that I noticed when using this pocket chart was the arrangement of the past, present, and future day slots. The current arrangement is “yesterday, today, tomorrow,” which can be quite confusing for kids who are just starting to learn about how days are organized.

In my opinion, it would have been better to arrange these slots in a more logical order, such as “today, yesterday, tomorrow.” This arrangement would make it easier for kids to understand and remember how days progress and could likely enhance their learning experience.

More efficient organization of cards

While the pocket chart comes with an impressive 136 cards, I found that the provided storage pockets at the bottom of the chart were not quite big enough to hold everything inside effectively. I had to resort to turning longer cards on their side and even using sandwich bags to separate different types of cards.

I believe a more efficient organization system for the cards could be helpful – perhaps dedicated slots for holidays, special occasions, and other miscellaneous cards, or bigger pockets for storage. This would help users keep the cards organized, and make it easier to find the right cards when needed.

Better pocket design for holding all cards

As mentioned earlier, the pockets provided for storing cards aren’t large enough to hold all the cards when they’re not in use. In addition to improving the organization of the cards, I think a better pocket design could be beneficial. This could include wider, more spacious pockets or even additional pockets to accommodate all the cards.

This would make it much more convenient for users and help ensure that all the cards are stored neatly and securely when not in use. This would also mean users wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of finding alternative storage solutions, such as the sandwich bags I resorted to using.

Although the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart has been a valuable and enjoyable addition to my classroom, I believe that these potential improvements could enhance the overall user experience and make this an even better learning tool.

Learning Resources Calendar  Weather Pocket Chart - 136 Pieces School Calendar for Classrooms, Calendar Kit for Classroom, Homeschool Calendar

Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart Review

As a homeschooling parent, I’m always on the lookout for educational materials that can help me keep my little ones engaged and excited about learning. And the Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart with 136 pieces seems to fit the bill perfectly! From teaching them about the calendar, seasons, and weather to helping them develop important skills like reading and counting, this clever chart is just what I need for my homeschool setup.

What age range is this product suitable for?

This versatile pocket chart is suitable for kids aged 3 years and older, making it an excellent resource for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and even early elementary students. I can’t wait to see their eager faces light up as they learn about the changing seasons and months, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to love exploring this interactive chart with me.

What additional materials might be needed?

One of the best aspects of this pocket chart is that it comes with just about everything you need to get started. The 136 double-sided, full-color cards are made of sturdy cardstock, and include various numbers, holidays, season icons, weather images, and much more. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer variety of cards provided, and I especially appreciated the bilingual option for weather cards.

That being said, you might need to invest in some hooks or grommets to hang the chart securely on a wall, as well as some storage containers or pouches to keep the extra cards neatly organized.

Can the calendar be customized for different countries?

Absolutely! The genius of this pocket chart lies in its customizability. Although it does come with cards for a fair number of American holidays, you can easily create your own cards for specific holidays and events in your country or region. In fact, one reviewer mentioned she made additional cards for her country’s celebrations and even translated them into her native language, making the chart doubly useful as a language-learning tool.

How can the chart be cleaned?

Since the chart itself is made of sturdy vinyl, it can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or a mild soap solution if needed. This makes it perfect for busy homeschool environments where spills and accidents happen more frequently than we’d like to admit!

How to store additional cards neatly?

As mentioned earlier, the chart does come with some storage pockets at the bottom, but you might find them a bit too small to hold all the extra cards. You can consider using plastic pouches, envelopes, or even small storage containers to organize and store your additional cards when they’re not in use. This way, you can quickly grab the relevant cards as each month rolls around, making calendar time a breeze.

So, there you have it! The Learning Resources Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart is a fantastic investment for any homeschool setting or classroom. Its sturdy vinyl construction, multitude of colorful and engaging cards, and the ability to customize it to suit your specific needs truly sets it apart. I’m looking forward to incorporating this interactive calendar into our daily lessons, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow educators and parents alike! Happy learning!

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